According to the IB CAS handbook, activity hours are define as “physical exertion contributing to a healthy lifestyle.” Like all other CAS events, these should be challenging, so think sweat!

If you are on a sports team, your coach will serve as your supervisor for the activity. If you plan to implement a physical exercise regime, you should work out an agreement with your advisor on how to document your hours.

Students should vary activities. Below is a general list that may serve as inspiration for students.

Examples of Activity:

Option 1: Team Sports at school where your coach will serve as supervisor, such as:

Volleyball, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Golf, Football, Softball, Track, Cross Country, Tennis, Swimming, Skiing

Option 2: Sports outside La Chat, where a certified trainer/teacher/coach will serve as supervisor, such as:

Rowing, Fencing, Gymnastics, Yoga, Tai chi, Martial Arts (Kendo, Karate, Judo…), Dance

Option 3: Physical Therapy; For students who are injured or suffering from a medical condition that causes pain, or students who have undergone surgery, physical therapy is an excellent option for CAS because it is challenging in its own right. Please use your physical therapist as a supervisor for your progress.

Option 4: Occasionally during the process of other CAS events, a small number of hours can justifiably be counted toward action because they are so physically taxing. Examples include the following: planting trees or flowers as part of a renovation project, hiking or backpacking (not with family), a car wash fundraiser, running in a fundraising triathlon (with newspaper documentation of your name), and so on.

Please note that this option may earn some students some credit but is not generally considered a method to attain the required completion of the Activity strand.

Not CAS Activity:

  • Learning to drive
  • A skiing holiday with your family
  • Participating in any sport with no goals
  • Recreational swimming (for fun)
  • Walking to school (or anywhere else, for that matter)
  • Playing pool or bowling on a Saturday night
  • Painting a wall or playing an insturment
  • Dancing socially (at prom, spring formal)
  • Any physical activity which is already a part of your curriculum