What should a finished portfolio contain?


  • Need to be written in the FUTURE tense describing what they WILL do

  • Need to link to correct learning outcomes (max 3-4 per experience)

  • They need to make sense


  • Written reflections have to be documented for all experiences lasting over 1 month (min of 2 - one focusing on what they learned, another at the end describing how the LOs were met (subheadings can be used for each LO - these questions can help https://cas.ecolint.ch/reflections/how-to-improve-cas-reflections

  • Need to be written in the PAST tense describing thoughts and feelings not description


  • Evidence is needed for every experience. This has to SHOW you that they have done what they have described they were going to (photos, vids, emails blogs etc)

Supervisor reports

  • At least 3 are required plus one for their project

CAS project

  • It should be at least a month long and collaborative

  • A CAS 5 stages form needs to be completed and uploaded as evidence for LO3 https://cas.ecolint.ch/the-cas-project/the-cas-project-form

  • A CAS project should be thought of like the EE of CAS - it needs to have enough evidence and reflections in there to be worthy of work taking a month of your time

  • A minimum of 2 written reflections are needed - one on their role and one whether the LOs have been achieved. These should be written at length. However two is an ABSOLUTE minimum.


  • The dates of your experiences need to be correct. Their timeline needs to show AT LEAST 1C, 1A, 1S as being a month long.

  • They need to have AT LEAST 9 experiences (3C, 3A, 3S) PLUS their CAS project in total


  • They need to have reflections and evidence for each LO. Each of the bars should be GREEN not ORANGE


  • 3 need to be recorded.

  • Interview 3 should be completed after their portfolio is done. This should not be left to the last minute