CAS Interdisciplinary Subject Links

There are six subject groups in the IB Diploma program:

1. Language A (Studies in Language and Literature)

2. Language B (Language Acquisition)

3. Individuals and Societies

4. Sciences

5. Mathematics

6. The Arts

The following identifies types of CAS experiences for each subject group. You might want to mention the link to the particular subject / group in your reflections.

Group 1: Language A: (Studies in Language and Literature)

CAS experiences that could be derived from this subject group:

  • Produce audio books for an organisation servicing the blind
  • Write articles about IB or CAS for the school paper (The Update)
  • Raise awareness about issues in literature
  • Teach younger students how to debate
  • Write a movie/play script or make a movie/play

Group 2: Language B (Language Acquisition)

CAS experiences that could be derived from this subject group:

  • Develop a pen pal network
  • Provide language lessons for those in need
  • Develop language guides using technology
  • Write articles/blog on the culture of the language being studied

Group 3: Individuals and Societies

CAS experiences that could be derived from this subject group:

  • Create displays and plan an assembly on history, particularly in the area around the school
  • Record the oral histories of the old people living in the community nursing home.
  • Raise awareness of recycling at the school
  • Map resources in the local area, such as recycling centers, youth organisations or social enterprises, and initiate CAS experiences that extend and support these resources
  • Work with local initiatives that support the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Arrange a simulation, a game or a school debate addressing local or global political issues for other students.
  • Investigate ways of contributing to strengthening peace and peaceful behaviors in and outside of school
  • Raise awareness of human rights through international and local organizations.
  • Support asylum seekers and migrants in integration in the culture and community.
  • Create a social enterprise addressing a community need.
  • Initiate a campaign that replaces bullying with respect for all within the school
  • Build a garden for those in need.

Group 4: Sciences

CAS experiences that could be derived from this subject group:

  • Form an Astronomy Club and encourage primary students to join and become more aware of the universe
  • Raise awareness after testing the quality of the local water
  • Raise awareness by monitoring air quality around the school
  • Create and maintain the Eco garden on campus
  • Advocate healthy eating habits for younger students
  • Form a recycling club at school
  • Form a club to promote awareness of global environmental issues
  • Help measure fitness of athletes in school sports teams
  • Promote participation in physical exercise, for example, “walk to school” groups

Group 5: Mathematics

CAS experiences that could be derived from this subject group:

  • Maintain financial accounts for a local charity
  • Run and/or participate in Pi Day
  • Assist a sports club or team with pre and post fitness assessment statistical analysis
  • Host a math “event” for younger students and/or their parents
  • Learn how to file tax returns
  • Design and paint a mural or display board celebrating maths through the ages
  • Plan a maths scavenger hunt at school to reveal all the place math is part of everyday life

Group 6: The Arts

CAS experiences that could be derived from this subject group:

  • Create artworks to donate to hospitals, aged-care facilities, refugee centers
  • Create performances for local schools or aged-care facilities with an educational message, for example, how to better protect the environment
  • Compete in external theater competitions
  • Create a mural for a children’s hospital or community center
  • Collaborate with NGOs to design posters for their causes or special events
  • Volunteer with a local theater group
  • Establish a virtual online exhibition to exchange student artwork with other schools around the world
  • Film theater and sports events
  • Organize a photo exhibition
  • Perform to raise funds for charities
  • Produce an infomercial for an NGO
  • Take dance lessons that lead to a performance