This aspect of CAS is interpreted as imaginatively as possible to cover a wide range of arts and other activities outside the normal curriculum which include creative thinking in the design and carrying out of service projects.

There are many approaches to creativity, such as:

  • Ongoing creativity: e.g. continuation of an already established creative activity as part of a school group or club
  • School-based creativity: e.g participation in school clubs .
  • Community-based creativity: e.g joining a community-based theatre group, contributing towards a community art gallery, creating a sculpture for the community park, taking cooking classes, or other opportunities.
  • Individual creativity: e.g. solitary creative experiences (composing music, developing a website, writing short fiction stories, creating arts and crafts, or painting a series of portraits) over an extended period of time.

Additional Examples of Creativity:

  • Drama and Theatre (Cast, lighting and sound, set design, costume design and sewing, make-up)
  • Musical ensembles (teach others; perform for public, such as Jazz Band, String Ensemble or Interlude)
  • Talent show production or act
  • Debate preparation or tournament (outside of class)
  • Producing banners and posters for clubs
  • Teaching cultural cooking to a group of others
  • Setting up and running a school-wide video game championship
  • Being a DJ for a public event
  • Face painting at a charity event
  • Catering an authentic tea ceremony
  • Writing/Publishing research from an off-site science or lab experience
  • Photography (perhaps as evidence of other CAS activities)
  • Webpage design for school or community organization
  • Creative blogging about CAS activities
  • Preparation for public speaking
  • School newspaper writing and editing
  • Choreographing dance –learning a new dance form or starting a dance group for younger students
  • Learning sign language
  • Making bracelets or dolls for an international charity
  • Art – learning a new style outside of IB classes
  • Scrapbooking (perhaps as documentation of another CAS project)
  • Making crafts for a charity sale
  • Pottery classes in the local community
  • Prepare and making resources for teaching a series of language lessons or working with young children groups (CAMP, Girl or Boy Scouts).
  • Producing a display for a class, school/community event, or public message
  • Making a video for a local charity
  • Putting on a school play at La Chat
  • Making a full-length video of an extended CAS project for college applications
  • Cooking classes where you create your own recipes and/ or menu planning
  • Designing a new game
  • Contributing to La Chat newspaper
  • Contributing to La Chat yearbook
  • Learning to play a new instrument