For Tutors / CAS Advisers

First of all a MASSIVE thanks for agreeing to be a CAS advisor. I know it can often be considered a thankless task but I really hope this website, the CAS Advisors Handbook and the Student Handbook will make the things a little easier to understand what happens and when.

I will be organising short training sessions throughout the year to prevent 'information overload'all at once and you are welcome to drop me an email (or preferably come and see me) if you have any questions or queries- however big or small.

As I said before, my aim is to make CAS simple and above all FUN. If students are already involved and active in after-school activities then CAS should REALLY not be seen to be an additional pressure for them. If they are not, a little encouragement to try something new, will go a long way.

If you have any suggestions for additional activities I should add to my list, please let me know.

Things to note...

As CAS advisers you will be able to approve 'experiences', however (to maintain consistency) only the CAS coordinator should approve the CAS Projects. All proposals for CAS Projects should be filled in (see Project Form) and submitted to the CAS coordinator (me!) at least two weeks prior to the project commencing. Students should not start any project before prior approval.

For CAS 'Pros'

If you are 'CAS Pros' and just want minimal information, the pages that are worth looking at are:

  • The CAS Project (CAS Project Form and Risk Assessment)
  • CAS Interviews (taking note of the rubics for the 3 interviews)
  • CAS Handbooks for Advisers
  • Finished Portfolio
  • Important Dates