Guidance and Help with CAS

The CAS team are the members of staff who facilitate understanding of CAS and oversee the effective implementation of CAS experiences, working directly with students, staff, Advisors and supervisors. The team plays an important role as they are the ones who are your first point of contact with CAS.

  1. The CAS Coordinator (Ms. Lalaz: )

  2. The IB Diploma Coordinator (Mr Winters: )

  3. Your CAS Advisor (Your Tutor / Subject teacher)

The CAS team are ultimately responsible for determining whether you have met the CAS learning outcomes at the end of the IBDP. You will meet with your Advisor and / or CAS Coordinator in the 3 mandatory meetings and part of this discussion will be based around CAS. They will also be the ones who write a report card comment on CAS for you.

Your CAS Supervisors are the ones that directly supervise your individual experiences. The supervisor assists, offers guidance and oversees the students’ experiences when needed. You need a supervisor for every experience and you must have your supervisors' name and contacts in Managebac before any of your experiences can be approved. Remember: NO CAS experience can start till it has been approved by your CAS Advisor or CAS Coordinator.

As a CAS student you are a vital part of the team. A key to your success in the programme is your level of personal engagement, choice and enjoyment of experiences.