Interview Rubric Oct/Nov Yr 12

Your CAS advisor will be using this rubric (see below) when interviewing you. Familiarise yourself with it to ensure that you have everything ready. A reminder that the information gathered from all 3 interviews will contribute towards you passing or failing your CAS (and therefore your IB Diploma) so BE PREPARED!

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General Advice:

  • The focus should be on the Investigation and Preparation stages of CAS, your CAS goals and Learning Outcomes. You may also want to talk about your CAS Project
  • You should have started between 2-3 challenging experiences (from a minimum of 2 different CAS strands) and these should be well planned (have a goal and a timeline)
  • Each experience should have an agreed supervisor
  • You should be able to explain how each experience fits with the Learning Outcomes (think about learning outcomes 3, 6 and 7)
  • You should have an idea about what you want to do for your CAS Project (this needs to be completed by Easter Yr 12)

After you complete your interview:

  • You should write your first CAS reflection based on the interview discussion and focus on how you plan to meet the learning outcomes (rather than on any one experience)

The CAS Project (to be completed by Easter Yr 12)


You will be meeting expectations if ...

  1. Length: The project is at least 1 month in duration
  2. Collaboration: The project involves sufficient collaboration with at least 2 others.
  3. CAS qualities: The student clearly expresses how the project fits at least one strand of CAS
  4. Goal and Need: The project has a goal and targets a genuine need
  5. Five Stages of CAS: The student has clearly outlined how the 5 stages of CAS (Preparation, Investigation, Action, Reflection, Demonstration) will be addressed