The CAS Project

A CAS project is a collaborative, well-considered series of sequential CAS experiences, engaging students in one or more of the CAS strands of creativity, activity, and service. CAS students must be involved in at least one CAS project during their CAS programme.

All CAS projects MUST be approved by the CAS Coordinator (Ms. Lalaz). Students MUST complete a copy of the CAS project form giving details of their project at least 2 weeks before starting. They will need to await for approval before commencing.

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A CAS Project must:

• Be collaborative and can address any single strand of CAS, or combine two or all three strands

• Last at least one month from planning to completion

• Follow the 5 CAS stages with evidence of each ( Investigation, Preparation, Action, Reflection, Demonstration)

• Include a risk assessment

Students can initiate other projects in other areas, for example starting a new Global Concern group, choreographing a dance show, organising and choreographing a fashion show to raise money for a Global Concern group, etc.…

It is recommended that students start thinking about and planning their CAS Project straight after the October half-term of year 12, with the expectation that their CAS Project is complete by the end of Year 12, including their uploading of evidence and reflections in Managebac.

In very special circumstances, if a CAS Project requires an extension of time to complete for genuine reasons, the student must seek permission from Ms. Lalaz by May/June of their Year 12, to complete their CAS Project by the end of Term 1 in Year 13.

For your CAS project you need;

- a written description like your other CAS experiences linking to the LO's chosen

- Proof of planning for the 5 stages of CAS found HERE. You need to fill it in as a group, it will be sent to me and if approved, I will send it back and you will need to upload it to your evidence page entitled '5 Stages of CAS'

- Written reflection on YOUR role midway through - did it live up to your expectations? What went well? What could have been improved etc (so I know you had a distinct part to play)

- Final reflections on your learning outcomes chosen - these can be made into subheadings if easier and some can just show evidence in the form of relevant photos (e.g. worked collaboratively). However, written reflections are needed too.

- Any additional evidence in the form of photos emails etc.

You should think of the CAS project as your 'Extended Essay' part of the CAS portfolio - it should make up the bulk of it and should have substantial evidence (both written and otherwise).

Some examples of CAS Projects:

  • Creativity: A student group plans, designs and creates a mural.

  • Activity: Students organise and participate in a sports team including training sessions and matches against other teams.

  • Service: Students set up and conduct tutoring for younger students in need.

  • Creativity and activity: Students make costumes and help choreograph the school Fashion Show

  • Service and activity: Students plan and participate in the planting and maintenance of a garden with members of the local community.

  • Service and creativity: Students identify that refugee children at a local school need backpacks and school supplies and subsequently collect and distribute relevant donations.

  • Creativity, activity, and service: Students rehearse and perform a dance production for a community retirement home.