La Châtaigneraie


This site is set up so that students, parents, tutors and CAS advisors can understand the purpose of CAS and see CAS opportunities throughout the foundation. It is hoped that you will find it a source of information and inspiration and it will help to clarify any questions you may have. CAS should not be seen as arduous but rather an opportunity to celebrate activities other than academic achievements. Many ventures will already be part of the students` life outside the classroom. CAS will enable them to reflect and credit these worthwhile pursuits.

Each campus has its own CAS coordinator who is responsible for each CAS programme. The CAS Coordinators communicate opportunities for activities and discuss suitability of activities within and beyond the school community. These programmes vary slightly in the administration, dates and events offered.

La Chataigneraie: Sarah Lalaz

LGB: Cristina Mocanu

Nations: Lola Robledo