Interview Rubric 3 March Yr 13

Your CAS advisor will be using this rubric when interviewing you. Familiarise yourself with it to ensure that you have everything ready. A reminder that the information gathered from all 3 interviews will contribute towards you passing or failing your CAS (and therefore your IB Diploma) so BE PREPARED! can also use the CAS Final Checklist (next page) to help you prepare for this final interview help you there are some suggestions of questions you can ask your students (see bottom of rubric)

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CAS Interview 3 Rubric (March Yr 13).pdf

Final Review Stage - Tips for Advisers

  • Focus on ensuring that all aspects of the student’s CAS Portfolio are complete.
  • Evidence must all be present to show student has met each of the learning outcomes at least once and that they have worked through the 5 CAS stages (most likely with their CAS project).
  • The Portfolio should be ready for presentation to the IBO- including 3 interviews and regular reflections with evidence
  • The CAS project should be present, with reflections showing development through the time of the work.
  • The advisor should complete the interview notes on ManageBac - highlighting any concerns or outstanding work to the CAS coordinator

Tips for Students

  • Your final reflection must focus on all learning outcomes, a suggestion is that you write this with each LO as a sub-heading